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S1mple, Other Esports Players Express Prayers for Ukraine

Dethan Dario

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is starting to alarm the world!

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Russia, on Thursday, February 25, just initiated its move to invade Ukraine. The world superpower, in its move, started shelling and bombing numerous major cities including Kyiv.

According to reports, hundreds have already died due to the situation.

Due to this alarming situation, many esports organizations have already stood in solidarity to support victims. Many personalities have also shared their experience with the situation.

s1mple: "I didn't expect to have such feelings after winning this final" |  HLTV.org

Top Ukrainian CS:GO pro-Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev expressed through Twitter his prayers. The player asked for everyone to stop, and told that everyone actually needs peace.

“Please, please, stop, I can’t do this anymore, we all need peace,” read his tweet.

s1mple’s post drew support from the community including influential personalities Timothy “timthetatman” John Betar, Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo who expressed their prayers through a reply on s1mple’s tweet. Meanwhile, other members of the esports community voiced their opinions against the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Other Esports Pros Express Solidarity With Ukraine

Aside from CSGO pros, Valorant superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo also expressed his sentiments over the ongoing war between the two countries. TenZ raised his concerns over people who are making fun of the situation through memes. According to him, these people are insensitive, and do not understand how serious the situation is.

“I can’t believe what is happening in the world rn, actually makes me feel sick to my stomach… Prayers for Ukraine and its people. It also pisses me off seeing the amount of people making memes about the situation just for likes when innocent people are being bombed.”

Other esports personalities, including Dota legend Dendi, also expressed their concerns over the ongoing war.

The Dota 2 legend expressed how the war started suddenly. According to Dendi, he slept happily with the new patch and woke up suddenly to a war.

“I went to sleep with a new patch and woke up with a war. [I] can’t believe what is happening right now. [I] am very very sad and worry for all the people around. Ukrainian people are peaceful and we don’t want this war. Stay safe everybody,” read his tweet.

Esports organizations including Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, and G2 Esports also expressed their solidarity by changing their logos temporarily. Their temporary logos feature the flag of Ukraine.

Team Liquid co-founder also took his support to the extreme by opening the org’s apartments in Netherlands for non-Liquid players. The co-founder also told that he’s willing to accommodate others who are stuck in a different country due to the situation.

As of this writing, the war between Ukraine and Russia continues to pursue. Members of the United Nation have already expressed their condemnation of Russia’s move.

With this, we hope for more people to express their solidarity for Ukraine in hopes to mitigate the deaths caused as casualties by the war.

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