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TNC Releases PlayHard; 3 Players Remain in Original Roster

Dethan Dario

TNC is going through a massive reconstruction. Again! This time, without PlayHard!

Yowe, Febby to lead TNC

Surprise surprise! TNC Predator on Tuesday, February 22, announced that they are already letting go of Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Maque from the roster.

“Today we bid farewell and give thanks to Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Maque for sharing his exceptional professional skills with the team even for a short while. the team’s run in the DPC 2021-22,” read the team’s announcement.

“It has been a joy to have PlayHard around as he has kept a positive spirit uplifting everyone in the team and has served as a support not only in-game but in person as well to our players. He kept team morale high even through a difficult DPC season,” they continued.

In 2021, PlayHard joined TNC after making a good run with OB.Neon following their strong performance in last year’s DPC.

Currently, the team remains with only two players from its 2022 roster. Earlier this month, the team’s offlaner X1aOyU also bid his farewell with the team.

TNC’s current roster:

  • Febby(Yongmin Kim)
  • YoungGod(Levi Lagaret Jr)
  • Yowe(Yuri Dave Pacaña)

In the meantime, TNC told that they will be working on completing their roster to prepare for the upcoming SEA DPC – Division II.

“For now, Yowe, Younggod and Febby will remain as part of the team. Stay tuned for updates as we complete our roster for the upcoming SEA DPC – Division II,” they told.

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