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Mobile Legend Anime: Aspirant Skin Released!

Dethan Dario

Mobile Legend is back with an anime-themed skin, and even released a Youtube video with an anime style too! New MLBB anime inbound?

Mobile Legends has done several collaborations with anime for their skins. However, this time, they not only adapted the anime style but also made an anime video for their skin promotion, namely The Aspirants.

The 2 heroes in the spotlight are Layla and Fanny, who also get the Mobile Legend anime skin. Is this a sign that they will make anime like Dota and LoL?

In the video, Fanny and Layla become 2 soldiers who protect the city from the threat of robots. The animations look very nice and smooth, with a mix of 3D as well as traditional 2D technology. The theme song for the video is sung by Yoshino Nanjo and composed by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Previously, Mobile Legend had also made an anime entitled The Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone. The anime has been released and aired on several television channels, such as ABS-CBN in Philippines. However, the animation does not have the quality of Dota: Dragon’s Blood or Arcane for League of Legends.

Many MLBB fans are waiting for an anime that can match the two anime from the MOBA game.

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