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Acend Outruns Gambit in 5-Map Thriller Finals

Dethan Dario

Acend has ascended to the highest seat in Valorant!


Acend has taken down VCT Masters champs Gambit in a five-map series to take the throne in the first-ever worldwide Valorant tournament.

Taking the VCT Champions title, Acend had to take the long road.

Acend versus Gambit: Finals Recap

With Zeek’s hot start, the team is able to hurdle Gambit’s aggression through the use of KAY/O. Combined with cNed’s efficient Jett with OP, the team is able to take pick-offs after pick-offs, shutting down Gambit in game one.

Troubled Gambit struggled in the early half of game two, surrendering to a 9-3 score in halftime.

Despite taking huge damage early on in the first half, Gambit managed to make a comeback through nAts’ disciplined play.

With his mastery of Viper, the PC Player of the Year nominee released a massive blow on his enemies, coming back to the game 13-11.

Starting off the second game, BONECOLD shocked the crowd with his 4K nutty Sheriff kills in round 2.

Taking advantage of the smaller sites with their composition, the Europeans made it clear that they’re up for the task. Gambit, however, answered back, reducing the lead only at 7-5.

No comeback, however, for game two as Acend took a clean blow in second half, taking the game 13-7.

Gambit Hands Acend a Humiliating 13-3 Defeat in Game 3

Gambit appeared to make an angry revenge on game three, taking the first three rounds in Fracture. With nAts and Chronicle’s vengeful spirits, both players combined for 36 kills and only three deaths in an 11-1 attacking side.

Gambit nAts

nAts took the final blow with his three kills on defender side, deciding the game at a humiliating 13-3.

A direct turnaround happened in game four as Acend started the first half with an early lead. After the buy round, however, things went back and forth, ending the first half 7-5 with Gambit switching to the defender side.

Winning the pistol round, Gambit is able to catapult themselves back to the lead, 10-8. Things went back-and-forth, sending the game to a crucial OT.

Acend, however, took the advantage in OT with starxo taking a double kill early on. Forcing Gambit’s utilities the following round in post-plant, Acend managed to make a creative win, taking the series 14-12.

Acend Dominates Map 5 to Take the VCT Champions Title

The life-changing map for both teams was held in Split. Acend, this time, took a short cut, building up a massive lead early on at 7-1. However, Gambit did not back down, managing to secure four more rounds to close out the first half.

Acend vs. Gambit grand finals at VCT Champions

Acend no longer backed down after dominating the pistol round of the second half. Gambit, although, aggressively took the first buy-round in the half.

Things got shutdown after Acend took a clean 2v3 post-plant in A site. Everything continued the following round where the squad predicted a B-site aggressiveness on Gambit.

Everything completely slipped out of the VCT Masters champs after Acend closed out the series, 13-8.

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