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BoraNija Threatens Xcalibur with Violence

Vberni Regalado

Public games can sometimes make the calmest players angry because of the games’ toxicity. However, that does not justify physical threats, as is the case in Europe. Boranija, a player from the European DPC Lower Division team Chicken Fighters, recently threatened violence against Xcalibur over a trivial matter.

Xcalibur revealed this through his twitter. He regrets the current state of the Dota 2 community which is very toxic. In fact, he also asked Valve to do something about this situation, because he felt insecure. The reason this happened was very trivial, just because he took the Aghanim Shard from Roshan.

The threat of physical violence is certainly not something to be taken lightly. Kyle, one of the analysts and casters of Dota 2, said that Valve shouldn’t need to take action in a situation like this. However, he asked the Chicken Fighters players to rethink Boranija’s position in their team.


Kyle even predicts that if they want to win The International, they need to get Boranija out of their team. Boranija previously joined the Tundra before being kicked for Nine in the midlane position. After Boranija left, Tundra immediately experienced a significant increase in performance and managed to enter the European DPC Upper Division.

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