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BOOM Starts Strong, Wins Against OB.Neon

Vberni Regalado

BOOM Esports got a good start in DPC SEA’s Upper Division by beating OB.Neon 2-0. Fbz and Yopaj was the MVPs!


BOOM got a good start in the Upper Division DPC SEA after beating OB.Neon 2-0. In both games, BOOM’s offlane and midlane, Fbz and Yopaj, got the spotlight because of their strong performance. Fbz with his signature hero Pangolier managed to rout OB.Neon, while Yopaj with Templar Assassin enabled BOOM’s comeback in the second game.

The casters were shocked after seeing BOOM get Pangolier for Fbz in the draft of the first game. They even have the opinion that Pangolier is one of the heroes that must be banned against BOOM, and OB.Neon pays dearly for their negligence. BOOM managed to get a fairly high gold lead in the 20th minute, and they won the game with the score of OB.Neon 12 – 37 BOOM.

The second game was more intense because BOOM lost the early engagements. OB.Neon dominated the tempo and breached BOOM’s high ground in the 20th minute. However, BOOM managed to turnaround and win the fight outside their base thanks to Yopaj and Tino’s big plays. BOOM snowballed from that fight and won the game in the 36th minute.

The second game is a proof that BOOM is also able to play while being left behind in gold and experience. It’s experiences like the second game that usually distinguish a Major winning team from a potential team like OB.Neon.

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