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OB.Neon Releases New Roster; Jaunuel Still Benched

Dethan Dario

OB.Neon has added a Mongolian superstar to their roster!

The Filipino organization OB.Neon underwent a massive roster change following the departure of almost all of its core players.

Erin Jasper ‘Yopaj’ Ferrer earlier transferred to Boom together with Gabriel ‘ctm’ Ong.

After their departure, OB.Neon also moved to bench Jaunuel ‘Jaunuel’ Arcilla which drew speculations to his addition to Fnatic’s roster.

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With these changes, OB.Neon announced its new roster which now includes unfamiliar names in SEA.

Currently, the organization has added the talent of Mongolian superstar Ravdan ‘Hustla’ Narmandakh. More so, the organization also acquired you_K and Mamang Daya who were the famous duo from Army Geniuses.

In addition to the two, Neon has also acquired the Filipino talent, Palos. With their new roster, OB.Neon is now ready to tap to their bigger potentials for the upcoming tournaments.

OB.Neon’s roster for 2021-22 Fall:

  1. Jinn Marrey ‘Palos’ Lamatao
  2. Tri Daya ‘Mamang Daya’ Pamungkas
  3. Michael Roy ‘Enryu’ Ladines
  4. Ravdan ‘Hustla’ Narmandakh
  5. Yukatheo ‘you_K’ Widjaja
  6. Jaunuel ‘Jaunuel’ Arcilla

Aside from their working roster, the organization is now ready to work on their dreams together with their new coach Wong Hock ‘ChuaN’ Chuan.

With this, it appears their 6th-man Jaunuel is now poised to transfer to a different team.

Hyprgame earlier reported that the Filipino player has already signed to Fnatic together with Armel. However, there no confirmation yet coming from the organization and from the involved players.

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