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Ceb Ends DOTA Career After Crushing TI10 Exit

Dethan Dario

Next stop for Ceb? Retirement.


Following their devastating elimination in TI 10, OG’s Sébastien “Ceb” Debs tweeted that the tournament is already his last.

The mainstay offlaner for OG told that he would have preferred a different ending for his last tournament, but is still grateful about it either way.

The two-time champs faced a heartbreaking loss against Spirit, 2-0, at the lower bracket of the main stage. OG exited the tournament at the 7th-8th spot.

“I wished a different outcome for my last tournament, but I’m grateful for everything nonetheless,” Ceb told on Twitter.

The veteran player also told that people should stop hating on the banters in-game. His comment relates to Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek “ez game” comment at the end of their final game in TI 10.

According to the offlaner, he did not mind any of the comments. He says Team Spirit beating OG is a very special feeling for the latter. The veteran also says that Team Spirit is an exceptional team and that he wishes them good luck in the remainder of the tournament.

“Don’t hate on the banter in-game, beating @OGesports on the main stage must be a special kind of hype for young players. I know players never mean true harm, we all are competitors and respect each other’s. Rest is social media games. Good luck to @Team__Spirit further, wp today,” his tweet read.

OG came home one million USD richer after placing 7th-8th in the tournament. Meanwhile, the remaining teams in the tournament are up to fight for the remaining $18,208,300 USD of the $40 million prize pool.

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