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T1 Has 0.98% Chance of Winning T110, Analyst Says

Dethan Dario

According to Noxville, T1 only has a 0.98% chance of winning The International.

Dota 2: T1

Currently SEA’s top 1 Dota 2 team T1 has a slim chance of lifting the Aegis this year predicted at 0.98%.

Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, a famous Dota 2 statistician, initially computed each team’s chance of winning the title.

The same prediction claims that the defending champions OG only has a 3.22% chance of retaining their title.

Noxville used a Monte Carlo simulation model to compute each team’s probability of winning the chip.

Out of the 18 teams, PSG.LGD topped the prediction with an 18.86% probability of lifting the Aegis.

“Put together a little stats site for probabilities of teams/regions to place at TI, and expected earnings,” Noxville tweeted in explaining his probability ranking.

Meanwhile, T1 highest finish in TI 10 would be in the top 13th-16th. T1’s probability of finishing at the said rank is 29.82%.

On the other hand, Noxville also told that the data he used was actually very limited. The statistician said that the information he used was ‘scarce’ as of this moment.

The statistician promised that he is likely to update the statistics should he get more data anytime soon.

Here are the top five contenders for first place:

  1. PSG.LGD
  2. Evil Geniuses
  3. Team Secret
  4. Vici Gaming
  5. Virtus.pro
Noxville Prediction

Fnatic, T1’s fellow SEA competitor, also sits at a disappointing 0.33% probability of getting the top 1.

Now, fans are very eager for The International 10 to begin to see whether this probability ranking is accurate or not.

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