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Reza Aditya’s Stepdad Reported for Domestic Violence Against His Mother

Vberni Regalado

Soap opera actor Reza Aditya reported his stepfather, Boy Hendro, on the alleged case of domestic violence to his biological mother, Rina Marlina. According to Reza, his stepfather had repeatedly hurt his mother for trivial reasons.

For example, his stepfather did not accept the gift from Reza when Reza bought his mother a cellphone. The cellphone was immediately smashed with a hammer and slapped his mother. Reza also added that his mother had been publicly abused while he was staying at a hotel with his aunt and other families. Finally, his stepfather threatened to burn down his mother’s house, making the mother leave the house and contact Reza for help while crying in terror.

Reza finally uploaded his Instagram Story about the search for his stepfather. He also told about his mother that managed to escape from his house.

“Wanted!!! Perpetrator of physical and verbal abuse against my biological mother. Please repost this, my friends, so the perpetrator will be immediately arrested. Got any information, DM me!” wrote Reza.

“At 1 o’clock in the morning, my mother ran away from her house because she was afraid. My mom finally called me and I immediately picked her up on the roadside because she was afraid of him. The perpetrator was my mother’s husband for the past few years,” continued Reza in his next Instagram Story.

“In several years of marriage, my mother always received threats, harassments and got beaten several times for trivial matters. Now my mother is safe,” he added.

Currently, his stepfather cannot be found at his home address. Reza suspected the address was fake. He went to the address his father used to tell to his mother. When visited, the local residents admitted that they had never seen his stepfather.

Not only the address were faked, but also the identities of his family and ex-wife. He often changed the family’s name when asked by his current wife.

Thanks to repost of his Instagram Story, his fellow celebrities found evidence from his stepfather’s past.

“Because of the help of many celebs, it went viral. Finally, someone contacted me and told me that his mother had married this person, and received the same domestic violence,” said Reza.

Reza had reported his stepfather’s behavior to the Central Jakarta Police on Saturday. On Monday, the report on the alleged domestic violence case from his stepfather was completed. Right now, Reza and his mother are still trying to find his stepfather.

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