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Nigma Gets Sponsorship from Etihad Airways

Vberni Regalado

If we have a business, one of the most profitable sources of funding for our business can come from sponsorship cooperation. For example, let’s say a football team like Liverpool who received sponsorship from the Standard Chartered Insurance Company, or Real Madird who received sponsorship from the Fly Emirates Airline Company. Just imagining it makes you shake your head, right?

So what about esports? Perhaps what has been circulating recently is the news of the controversial sponsorship collaboration between the PSG esports team and the well-known gambling company Betway.

But it is different with the news that comes from Nigma Esports. In contrast to the results of the achievements of Nigma Esports in the Singapore Major 2021 yesterday. In this event, Nigma became one of the teams that came home early from the event because they suffered successive defeats from other teams with a very heavy score. However, it turned out that the defeat did not become a stumbling block for Nigma to gain trust from the companies that wanted to sponsor them. Like Real Madrid, which received sponsorship from an airline company, Nigma also had the opportunity to build a sponsorship partnership with Etihad Airways. This was announced through various official Etihad Airways platforms on April 26, 2021.

How extraordinary isn’t it? With the agreement, Nigma has officially made history as an Esports team obtaining sponsorship from the airline company. Technically, since the agreement of this collaboration, Nigma Esports will be headquartered in Abu Dhabi. In the near future the entire team and their support staff will be transferred to a country that has the highest skyscraper in the world. With this collaboration, Nigma Esports will also have the opportunity to develop the team in such a way as to become a capable team with all the financial resources of Etihad Airways which are worth billions of dollars.

It is hoped that from the collaboration, Nigma can also take Esports to a higher level by building a developing gaming and Esports ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates region.

Mohamed Morad, Team Nigma’s Co-Founder, said “As a child, I had a dream to become a pilot, so partnering with my favorite airline is special on both a personal and professional level. The same thing was also expressed by Christoph Timm, another Nigma Team Co-Founder, who said, “We are grateful that Etihad Airways has committed to having a long-term partnership. Like us, Etihad believes in supporting and developing new talents that will come from the region and sees Esports as one of the main industries in the region.”

As also expressed by Amina Taher, Vice President of Brand, Marketing and Sponsorships at Etihad Airways, it is hoped that Etihad Airways’ commitment to the world of sports can be even better. Not only for world-class sports such as F1 or football, Etihad also sees opportunities for the advancement of Esports.

“Etihad is renowned for partnering with world-class sports teams and events, from the Manchester City Football Club to the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We see the value in a sports-based sponsorship that unites and engages with us, and we look forward to the future with Team Nigma,” he said.

Well, we hope this collaboration will be a turning point that allows Nigma to reach higher peaks.

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