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RSG MY Extends Team Lunatix’s Losing Streak in MPL MY


RSG MY kicks off Week 2 of MPL Malaysia Season 12 in a spectacular manner, securing a 2-0 victory against Team Lunatix.

This marks RSG’s first triumph in the current season, whereas Team Lunatix continues to struggle, now standing at 0-3 in their record.

The initial match saw a stellar performance from Dale “Stowm” Vidor, the Filipino import, who piloted Yve and delivered an impressive KDA of 4/0/9 within a 15-minute gameplay.

In the second game, RSG MY maintained their momentum, securing an impressive 13-3 victory in a decidedly one-sided 13-minute match.

In this match, Ealtond “Lolealz” Rayner took the spotlight, showcasing a remarkable performance on Irithel and achieving an almost flawless record of 6/1/4.

Looking ahead, RSG MY is set to clash with Team HAQ in the upcoming week, while Team Lunatix will aim to break their losing streak as they go up against Team SMG on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. GMT+8.

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