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Wild Rift League-Asia Set to Officially Kick Off in April

Dethan Dario

The new Wild Rift League-Asia is set to officially kick off this April with teams from WRL CN and WRL APAC battling it out for fame and glory in the biggest stage of Wild Rift Esports scene in the continent.

A total of 20 teams will compose the league’s inaugural season with 12 teams coming from the WRL CN and eight from WRL APAC.

Teams from WRL APAC can advance to WRL APAC Open Qualifier through regional tournaments and gain the opportunity to advance to Wild Rift League-Asia.

The Open Qualifier has already begun, with 8 teams from Vietnam, 16 teams from Philippines, 16 teams from Southeast Asia having participated in the first stage of the tournament earlier this month.  

The top two teams from each region will then earn a spot in the second stage of the WRL APAC Open Qualifier, which is scheduled for Feb. 17 to 19, joining two other invited teams from their local regions. Following this stage, two teams from each of the three local regions will progress to WRL A1.

All WRL APAC teams that haven’t made it to WRL A1 will be eligible to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The team that emerges as the winner of the LCQ will secure the last available spot in WRL A1. At the same time, one team from South Korea will receive a direct invitation to participate in the first season.

Running through from April to July, will be divided into three stages: regular season, playoffs, and finals.

Aside from the first season, WRL A2 which will run from September to December along with  secondary leagues, WRT3 of WRL CN will commence from April to November this year, and the regional events of WRL APAC will happen  from June to November are also in the pipeline in the year-long Wild Rift action..

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