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Qojqva Predicts Liquid And Shopify Top 2 At Lima Major


Qojqva believes that both Team Liquid and Shopify Rebellion will be the top two teams in the Lima Major but many fans expressed their doubts over the latter.

Although Shopify Rebellion has been performing well, they were not still up to the standard of their performance. Recently, they finished second in the DPC 2023 NA Division I, just below TSM, a team supposed to be weaker than them.

However, Qojqva still had Shopify Rebellion in second place for Lima Major, just below Team Liquid.

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While speaking to his stream, Qojqva answered questions regarding the upcoming major. He immediately answered Team Liquid to be the eventual winner of the major. However, fans were surprised with his pick for the second place.

“Second, Arteezy team (Shopify Rebellion, to finish second in Lima Major.”

Qojqva also seemed to be unsure about the third team to finish at Lima Major. However, he predicted EEU super team, BetBoom, to finish third after a question to his viewers.

The EEU super team itself looked good on the DPC 2023 Tour I, finishing first with seven straight victories in EEU Division I.

However, their performance against team from other regions was still up in the airs. Even with Team Spirit, fans still thought DPC EEU to be not as challenging as other region.

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