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Amihan Esports Blames Ex-Manager for Riot Ban

Vberni Regalado

Almost two months after Riot Games slapped Amihan Esports a one-year ban for falsifying the documents of its underaged player AMI Karlll, the organization posted a clarification, albeit very late, on how it actually happened.

Saying that they have nothing to lose for “spilling out the truth,” Amihan Esports decided to put all the blame to its former manager Christian Villegas.

“Everything was done by our Ex-Manager Christian Villegas together with “His Friends”,” the post read.

Amihan Esports

“So organizers and the community were well aware of the Player’s age. Yet Amihan managed to play until SISPH with cleared status. Then later on reviewed when the Ex-Manager was removed midway to our SISPH Run,” they added.

Amihan claimed that Villegas spilled the tea to seek revenge for his “removal in the team because of his shouting and violent action towards the players of Wildrift team.”

Amihan Esports continued on with their litany by saying Villegas still manages a team despite the ban given to him.

In two bullet points, the organization pinned down Villegas and gave a hint that he’s still managing an esports team.

“Take note: that this “BANNED” Manager is still managing a team amidst the given ban to him.” Last but not the least, the ex-Manager Involved is managing/helping a team,” it said.

Why Amihan Esports Decided to Speak Up

Earlier today (12 September PH time), Amihan Esports posted on Facebook. They said that “corruption and politics in esports and event organizers are real.”

Netizens assumed that this pertained to the recent issue of Nexplay Evos. Yshie exposed that the organization is releasing them without giving them their salaries.

An hour later, the organization posted their own experience of corruption from event organizers.

“With Amihan’s experience in esports, the sad truth is that Multiple Personnel’s of each organization and event organizers are connected. They form a “syndicate” to manipulate a certain situation that will favor them. Its all about money and not passion for some individuals,” they wrote.

Netizens React: Don’t Lecture About Corruption Without Looking in Your Own Backyard

Amihan’s post received more negative comments instead of getting sympathy. Netizens say that the organization is still at fault for allowing an underage player to join competitions.

“Im sorry but kahit balibaliktarin niyo yung mundo.. It’s still the management’s fault. All of these claims of corruption whatsoever still comes down to an underage player na nakapuslit when there should be proper screening,” a netizen wrote.

(I’m sorry but however you look at it, it’s still the management’s fault. All of these claims of corruption whatsoever still comes down to an underaged player allowed to play when there should have been proper screening.)

Some netizens also find it weird that Amihan Esports is lecturing about corruption and politics in esports. They, too, did something illegal, they said.

HYPRGAME is trying to reach Christian Villegas to get his side of the story.

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