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ADC Comes Back to Team Flash to Win SEA Games Gold Medal

Vberni Regalado

In the first episode of the series “Hanging out with players” by Arena Of Valor, MC Phuong Thao visited Team Flash’s gaming house and had a very interesting chat with ADC – jungler – Tran Duc Chien. In the video, FL’s jungler also showed his talent for eating chili, bitter melon and reading “troll” comments that made the audience laughing.

While answering the questions, ADC also confided the little-known story his reason for returning after his retirement announcement in late 2020. He revealed that ProE had the most influence on his decision to make him return to the scene.

ProE not only helped ADC to return, but also asked for the support of ADC’s parents to advise him to continue pursuing his passion to become a professional gamer.

“There are actually many factors influencing the reason for my return. The first is ProE. Once I went to Hanoi, went to eat and coffee with Hiep (ProE). Talking back and forth, Hiep asked me to come back team Flash. At that time I did not have any thoughts of returning,” ADC shared.

“Until I go home. I don’t understand how Hiep talked to my parents. During dinner, my mother told me that ‘Chien, You are still young now. It’s okay to stay at home and do business, but if you really have passion, you should continue fighting and playing with your teammates. At that time, I had thought and decided to retire, so I didn’t want to go back. Because if I go back, it’s a bit weird, like a farce. The decision to come back was a bit difficult but I have thought it over and accepted those things,” he added.

One of the other key reasons of bringing ADC back to Team Flash is the SEA Games Gold Medal. This is the only title that Team Flash is missing. He said: “I returned because of the 2021 SEA Games Gold Medal. My team has had all the titles and only one thing is missing, the SEA Games Gold Medal. So I want to do my best for the last time with my teammates to win this title. This is the title Team Flash wished for but did not have “.

Thanks to “Hanging out with players”, MC Phuong Thao helped fans know more secrets behind the scenes of Arena of Valor matches.

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