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PUBG Mobile Releases Big Update, Mobiles Now at Overheating Risk?

Dethan Dario

Having trouble with your overheating phone while playing PUBG Mobile? PUBG now has more heat for you! Literally!

PUBG Mobile is now reportedly the world's highest-grossing mobile game -  The Verge

Everyone is going nuts as PUBG Mobile continues to tease on players’ itch on the new Karakin update— the new map which will be available on the upcoming 1.3 beta version of the game.


In social media posts, developers have teased the new update even more.

“Nope, it’s not a mirage – that’s a chicken dinner in the desert. Get ready parachute into the brand new map Karakin on 4/7! Karakin will replace Vikendi, so play it before it’s gone!” their post said together with a video-teaser.

Excited enough? Wait until you hear more of the new features!

The "PUBG" 6.3 Update Brings Panzerfaust To The Game

The new update will include new changes long called-for by fans which includes thin wall bullet penetration, and a new weapon now being named as Panzerfaust.

Aside from those small changes, big changes are also to come in the new patch— DEMOLITION ZONE!

PUBG Mobile 1.3 update with Black Zone and Demolition Zone will be  available soon - RPRNA

Demolition Zone, according to developers, is designed to force campers in-and-out of battles as damages will randomly come targeting buildings to shake these nasty players.

For the thrilling experience, the new update will definitely take a toll on your mobile’s space. And not just that, additional changes on in-game graphics are also on fire as the new feature, although unreleased as of yet, is assumed to make your phones heat even more as they’re expected to require high mobile specs.

With all these in mind, will the population of everyone’s beloved FPS on mobile be on a time-ticking bomb waiting to explode?


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