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Dota 2 Focusses on Anime Series Instead of Fixing Bugs

Dethan Dario

Dota 2 lovers were surprised by creator Valve’s announcement that the well-loved game will have an anime series on Netflix.

Discussions online, however, turned from excitement to disappointment as fans pointed out that Dota 2 still has a lot of bugs, which in turn turns off the players resulting to a decreasing number in base players every month.

Memes even circulated that Dota 2 is still on its beta position even if it has been around for seven years. People also complain about lack of tutorials, lots of smurfs, and rude and unfriendly players inside the game.

Sure, the anime series is welcome, but Dota 2 should put a lot of work and focus on fixing the issues to have better gaming experience.


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