Loda Defends Valve for Small Tournament Contribution


Surprisingly, Loda defends Valve for their minimal contribution and involvement in recent tournaments, including The International 11.

Valve had been under fire recently for their subpar handling of The International 11 which was supposed to be “hyped”. The minimal effort for the 2022 Battle Pass and handing over the reigns to PGL were some of the reasons to complain about.

However, an important community member, which was Loda, defended Valve’s stance regarding The International 11.

From his Twitter account, Loda explained that he felt Valve had invested enough in The International and DPC in general. By sarcastically tweeting, he pointed out that Valve already invested about $200,000,000 into the Dota scene.

Although Loda’s intention might be for the good to defend Valve, fans don’t agree with his take.

Fans were not agreeing with Loda’s take by saying that Valve, although invested $200,000,000, pocketed the rest of the $800,000,000. They also felt that Valve, as a business, was too “greedy” with the game and invested back too little in the income they generate.

However, there were also fans that defended Loda’s tweet. They said that there were too many “haters” of the Alliance’s owners. Fans claimed that the moment they saw Loda’s name on the title, they went into a “frenzy” and mocked his takes.

With the various discourse over the Alliance’s owner tweet, many thought about Alliance’s performance in the DPC so far. Some were even blaming Alliance’s downfall on the owner’s bad decision-making for the organization’s downfall.

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