TI11 SEA Qualifier Preview: T1 To Dominate?


The dates are getting closer to the start of TI11 SEA Qualifier. Is T1 the team to beat in the qualifiers?

Although Team SMG was unable to participate due to roster mismanagement, the hype remains strong for the TI11 SEA Qualifier. Teams such as Talon, RSG, Nigma Galaxy SEA, and Polaris were gearing up to prepare for the qualifier.

However, the most anticipated team in the qualifier would be T1, with their new additions of Topson and Ana.

In the Upper Bracket, Talon will be facing Lilgun as their first opponent of the qualifier. Nigma Galaxy SEA will follow by facing Polaris Esports, which will be one of the fiercest matches in the qualifier.

Meanwhile, RSG will be facing Neon Esports, and the “final boss” of the SEA qualifier, T1, will face Execration.

The Lower Bracket teams would also prove to be challenging for teams that lost their place in the Upper Bracket. Teams such as Army Geniuses and Atlantis might be the dark horse of the Lower Bracket.

However, unproven teams such as Summit Gaming, Xerxia, and unstable team such as TNC Predator would need to have pocket strats ready for the opponents.

Both Ana and Topson would be the focus of the TI11 SEA Qualifiers. They will look forward to proving that they still have what it takes at the professional level of Dota.

There were also concerns about whether they’re not ready yet for the highest level, as Ana underperforms while he was a stand-in for various teams. Topson was also away from the professional scene for quite a while, making him susceptible to rusty performances.

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