Pro Players Agree EU Region Is Best Region


Pro players agree that EU is currently the strongest region for Dota 2.

DPC Tour 3 has started, and after the Stockholm Major is over, the strength of DPC regions seem to be showing. With three teams in the semi-finals of the Stockholm Major, many have the opinion that the Western EU region is the strongest region in Dota right now.

This is also confirmed by many pro players through interviews, such as Puppey, when asked about the strongest region.

In the interview that Dreamleague did, Puppey said that the strongest region is currently WEU. He also added that the strongest region after WEU might be China, which unfortunately could not participate in the Stockholm Major.

Dyrachyo expressed the same thing when getting the same question.

However, Puppey also added that in his opinion, talking about the strongest region at the moment was “useless”. It looks like Puppey is focusing on performance before TI or at the Arlington Major to talk about regional strengths.

In fact, maybe he’s waiting to see patch 7.32 later which might be released before TI11 or the Arlington Major starts.

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