Another Backstab? MamangDaya Kicked by Neon


MamangDaya just got himself kicked due to some questionable reason!

Recently, Neon decided to part ways with MamangDaya. Neon’s decision followed shortly after he went absent due to his illness.

Making matters more painful, the team replaced MamangDaya with avataRmod3, which was originally a stand-in.

Again, a sudden roster change happened after experiencing success. Previously, Tundra Esports decided to kick FATA from their roster. This is to give way for a player whom he originally did not consider.

Now, it’s MamangDaya’s turn to part with Neon and gave up his place to a stand-in.

Neon’s decision to replace the player confused fans. This is because MamangDaya’s proven skills made Neon win the 2021 Huya Invitational tournament.

Neon announced that there was a roster change through a short Twitter announcement with the title “Going FULL ADOBO BUFF”. As it turned out, the stand-in they used during MamangDaya’s illness, namely avataRmod3, impressed them enough to make it permanent.

MamangDaya was effectively kicked by OB.Neon following his supposed absence. Now, the team needs to find a new team before Season 2 starts.

Making matters more painful, MamangDaya had already leaked that he would be kicked while he was streaming. According to MamangDaya, he regrets contracting the illness which held him from participating in the tournament. Adding more insult, Neon replaced him with a stand-in.

He also added that he had a feeling that he would be kicked after contracting the disease.

From the stream, he looks quite resigned to the decision. It seems, he still wants to find another team in the near future.

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