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Keyd Stars Punches Ticket To The International 12


Keyd Stars claimed the first of two The International 12 tickets in the South America Qualifier following a dominant run in the upper bracket final earlier today.

The Brazilian squad became the third team to make it to TI 12 through the regional qualifiers after sweeping AcatSuki, 2-0, in the upper bracket finale.

Guilherme “Costabile” Costábile powered the way in Game 1 on his Sven, tallying 11 kills and 12 assists against two deaths in the 29-19 win while João “4nalog” Giannini’s Lina had eight kills and 10 assists against three deaths.

4nalog completely took over in the second match, putting up a 9-1-17 line on Invoker to help Keyd Stars secure a sweep via a 32-12 victory. Costabile added nine kills and eight assists against two deaths on Gyrocopter.

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AcatSuki, meanwhile, is still waiting in the lower bracket final where the last ticket to Seatte, USA lies.

Mad Kings and Thunder Awaken will dispute the final slot in the lower bracket finale where they will take on AcatSuki for the right to enter The International.

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