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Top 1 Apex Predator Banned For Cheating During Stream

Dethan Dario

The Apex Legends community has been rocked as the #1 Predator player of Season 18, formerly known as Facilitatur, has been banned due to cheating allegations. This incident was caught live on Twitch by another player who was streaming during the match.

Apex Legends, renowned for its fierce battle royale competition, introduced Ranked Mode, which quickly became the battleground for players seeking intense challenges against opponents of similar skill levels.

At the pinnacle of the ranking system is the coveted Predator rank, a title achieved through exceptional dedication and top-tier skills. However, this title remains elusive for many, as only 750 players globally can occupy this prestigious position on the PC leaderboard by the season’s end.

Regrettably, the journey to this prestigious rank has not been entirely honorable. The leaderboard has often been plagued by cheaters, undermining the integrity of the competition. Until now, no cheater had managed to ascend to the top spot without being caught and banned, often during live streams.

Unmasking the Former #1 Predator The player in question, known as Facilitatur in-game, has a notorious reputation. This identity is familiar to professional players and content creators who have frequently accused Facilitatur of cheating.

Furthermore, Facilitatur has previously faced bans on both Xbox and PC platforms for engaging with cheaters, casting a shadow on their credibility. Despite these bans expiring, Facilitatur made a return to Apex Legends.

Since then, Facilitatur has been silently grinding Apex without attracting too much attention. Nonetheless, skepticism persisted among professional players and content creators regarding both Facilitatur’s return and Respawn’s decision to allow their re-entry.

During Season 18, Facilitatur managed to secure the coveted #1 Predator spot in Apex Legends, maintaining this position for a time. However, doubts resurfaced when HisWattson shared a suspicious clip involving Facilitatur’s gameplay.

Numerous professional players who viewed the clip echoed HisWattson’s concerns. However, lacking concrete evidence, these remained accusations—until now.

Live Ban of #1 Predator Facilitatur Just as accusations against Facilitatur were gaining traction, the unprecedented occurred—Facilitatur was banned live, substantiating the allegations.

The clip in question was captured by content creator LegendJuice, who was playing Apex Legends Ranked. Facilitatur eliminated LegendJuice, and when his teammate engaged Facilitatur in a 1v1 confrontation, Facilitatur inexplicably transformed into a Death Box despite not being eliminated.

This occurrence is consistent with players quitting or being banned from matches. In a Ranked scenario, players would rarely quit during a pivotal 1v1 clash. Moreover, Facilitatur’s #1 position on the Apex Legends Ranked leaderboard vanished, confirming the cheating and subsequent ban.

In light of this revelation, HisWattson’s initial accusations have proven accurate. Facilitatur has yet to comment on the incident. Should this story develop further, we will promptly provide updates.


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