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Fennel Fires Hamezz For Blackmailing Amid Match Fixing Scandal


Fennel has swiftly responded to the recent match-fixing scandal that unfolded yesterday evening.

In an official statement on Facebook, the organization announced the immediate termination of analyst James Karl “Hamez” Santos.

It was revealed that Hamez had orchestrated instructions for the players to “intentionally lose matches for his personal gain”.

Yesterday, Hamez took to Facebook, penning a lengthy post in which he alleged his involvement, along with three other players, in a match-fixing scheme during their game against Nigma Galaxy.

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However, the organization’s investigation uncovered that the players involved had reneged on the agreement and chose to compete instead, resulting in a hard-fought 2-1 victory. Ironically, Hamez found himself at a significant loss as he had placed a bet against his own team.

Enraged by the turn of events, Hamez resorted to threatening the players, vowing to “expose them” online if they failed to reimburse him.

Unfortunately, it appears that he followed through on his threat by posting the incriminating message on Facebook.

Concerned for the safety of their players, Fennel has taken precautions by relocating them to a secure location, shielding them from any potential harm or intimidation from Hamez.

The organization has also made it clear that they will not hesitate to pursue legal action should Hamez persist in his attempts to threaten or harm their players.

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