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NRG makes a comeback in LCS, takes over CLG’s roster


NRG, a prominent team in the early days of professional League of Legends, has announced its return to the LCS in 2023.

The news was revealed by CEO Andy Miller, who stated that NRG will be taking over the slot left by CLG after its recent departure from the league.

As part of the announcement, NRG will acquire the entire League of Legends infrastructure of CLG, including its players and coaching staff.

Additionally, Miller confirmed that the Madison Square Garden Corporation will become a significant shareholder in NRG.

NRG previously competed in the LCS in the 2016 Spring and Summer splits but had to participate in the promotion stage after finishing in ninth place during the Summer split.

Unfortunately, they were unable to claim one of the three promotion spots, and the organization eventually withdrew from the League of Legends division.

Interestingly, this news comes just a few days after reports that TSM, another prominent organization in the LCS, might be selling its spot in the league due to financial difficulties.

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