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Why MPL ID Postponed RRQ-Aura Match


MPL Indonesia released a statement following the postponement of the match between RRQ Hoshi and Aura Fire during the third day of Week 5.

The league said that the stoppage was due to sound leakage and equipment problems.

“To the MPL ID community, we would like to clarify regarding the postponement of the match between RRQ and AURA Fire on March 18, 2023, due to sound leakage and equipment problems,” opened the league’s statement.

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According to the statement, a circuit malfunctioned which caused a problem in the communication system. 

“There was a circuit that broke and affected the communication system mixer. This caused Clayyy’s in-game voice to leak to other RRQ players’ headsets, making the game confusing in the end. There was no communication leakage to other teams,” the statement continued.

“After investigation, it was confirmed that the damaged mixer was the main cause of the leakage. The backup mixer failed to arrive at the venue on time. Therefore, the decision was made to postpone the game based on league regulations,” the league added.

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The league also said that they contacted both teams to inform them about the incident but there was a miscommunication with Aura that caused a confusion regarding the postponement.

“The league immediately contacted both teams to inform them of this incident. There was a miscommunication with the AURA team, which made them confused about the decision to postpone the match.”

With this, the league took responsibility for what happened and explained that their decision to postpone the match is due because they want to ensure fairness in competition.

“MPL Indonesia’s decision to postpone the match was solely to ensure that both teams have a fair arena to compete in. MPL Indonesia upholds professionalism, sportsmanship, and excellence to provide the best viewing experience for its fans,” said the MPL ID.

“The league takes full responsibility for this.”

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