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EG Defeats 4Zoomers, Still Running For Major!

Dethan Dario

Hopes for a major entry for EG are still wide open after beating 4Zoomers. However, their path will be very difficult to enter the major!

EG managed to win against 4Zoomers in Upper Division DPC NA. They achieved that result even though their offlaner, Nightfall, was out of action and had to be replaced by MSS. With this victory, the NA squad still has a chance to enter the Major. However, there are several obstacles that will await them in order to enter the big tournament.

The first game became a classic game for Arteezy who was very dominating with Terrorblade. 4Zoomers initially appeared quite stable and battled against aggressive EG. However, going into the midgame, EG was dominating and made 4Zoomers tap out in the 35th minute.

The second game went the same way because the draft was quite superior for EG. Death Prophet in the offlane allows them to play very aggressively while leaving space for Arteezy. 4Zoomers struggled to keep up with their opponent’s fast pace, and they gave up in the 50th minute.

With this win, EG still has a chance to enter the Major. However, they have to win their next match against Undying by a score of 2-0. If they lose a match, they will have to miss the first major.

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