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OMEGA Z4pnu Says He’s Trying to Recruit Ex-Teammate S4gitnu

Dethan Dario

Z4pnu x S4gitnu? It might happen real soon!

OMEGA’s Z4pnu told that he’s trying to recruit a former teammate Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang.

In his recent vlog, Z4pnu mentioned that he’s actually trying to win his former teammate. The pro player explained that he’ll try to reinvigorate S4gitnu’s fading burning passion.

According to the player, he offered an agreement where S4gitnu may leave, and return the moment he becomes serious again with his professional career.

Z4pnu explains Execration's absence in 'franchise-based' MPL-PH Season 8 –  Manila Bulletin

In addition, Z4pnu also revealed that OMEGA esports has been playing with S4gitnu in their recent scrim matches.

Both players played together last in Season 6. Carrying Execration’s banner, both players placed third in the rankings.

S4gitnu Plays - YouTube

S4gitnu left the team right after the season.

According to Z4pnu, his former teammate lost his determination to continue his career. He added that his former teammate’s drive to become more competitive was gone that’s why he left the team.

“The reason why I’m reaching out to him (S4gitnu ) is that I can see potential in him and he’s also back at grinding hard in ML,” the pro player told.

Currently, S4gitnu is playing under Nexplay’s management. As of this moment, the player has been spamming on streams and vlogs where he plays Mobile Legends.

In relation to this, Z4pnu maintained that he’s currently communicating with the player and might recruit him in the future.

The new OMEGA Esports is a team to beat in the upcoming MPL PH Season 8.

S4gitnu on the other hand will be absent this season despite being with Nexplay Esports.

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