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Thanks To NieIT, DXG To Participate PGI.S 2021 Finals For The First Time

Vberni Regalado

In the fifth week of the survival round of PGI.S 2021, DXG excellently competed against famous teams for the first time to participate in the final round of the week. This is also the second time that Vietnam has a representative participating in this round.

In the 14th match on the Erangel map, with the flight from the top corner of the map to the Base Island area, DXG chose to jump down to the Ferry Pler area and freely picked up his equipment without any difficulty. In the following minutes of the match, it was noticed that the roundabout turned back to the military island. Captain Fergus decisively directed the team to move early deep into the island and take a safe position within the circle.

Along with the solid strategy, DXG ensures all 4 members to the 6th phase. Here, DXG has a direct fight with Faze and wipe out the enemy quickly. After that, ENCE with 2 members caused a lot of difficulties for Vietnamese representatives. Until IQ500 was defeated thanks to the excellence of NielT‘s , DXG could move to the next round.

Standing at the decisive moment, two DXG members waited for BRU and DGW to fight each other. Realizing the loss of the opponent, DXG decided to jump suddenly, causing the members of DGW to not react in time and finish the match with 12 kills. This victory helped DXG to participate in the final round of Week 5 and stand the opportunity to earn billions of bonuses.


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