Famous Actor Asa Butterfield Criticized Valve


Things are not going well for The International 11 as even one of their famous fans, Asa Butterfield, criticized Valve.

Although fans have been criticizing Valve over the past few days, some are still hoping that casual fans aren’t affected by it. However, one of the casual yet popular fan of the game, Asa Butterfield, have also been concerned over it.

He criticized how Valve handled the biggest tournament for Dota like an “afterthought”.

Asa tweeted from his account about his concern on how other video game tournament had higher production value than TI11. He also gave compliments to the other game studio for making Valve look like “indie studio”.

The same concern were shared by many of the fans who felt this year’s TI was subpar compared to previous years.

One of the fans even compared the current TI to TI4 which were notorious for being not the best TI so far. They felt the production value for that tournament was higher compared to the ones currently.

The group stage were also highlighted to be a part of a problem within TI11.

Valve themselves had reaffirmed their commitment to the game via meetings with the players. They reassured the players that Dota was still in Valve’s plans and they will be making improvements.

However, fans were not convinced by Valve’s words and held on to the fact that TI11 was handled by a third-party studio, instead of themselves.

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