Iceiceice Predicts TI11 Last Chance Qualifier Teams


Iceiceice, while streaming predicted the teams that will go through TI11 Last Chance Qualifier.

After his earlier mishap with Team SMG that rendered him and the team unable to play in Last Chance Qualifier, Iceiceice decided to stream again.

In the middle of the stream, it turned out one of the viewers asked something about his predicted LCQ winner.

At first, without hesitation, he pointed out that Xtreme Gaming is a 90% lock on promotion. It seems a lot of pro players have been respecting Xtreme Gaming after their good performance in the qualifiers.

After Xtreme Gaming, Iceiceice struggles to find the other team that will accompany Xtreme Gaming.

“I think XG’s (Xtreme Gaming) gonna make it, almost 100%. And then, maybe, I don’t know. But I know for sure one of them would be XG”.

Then, Iceiceice further adds that he expects either VP or Navi to follow the qualification.

Iceiceice mentioned that he thought either Liquid won’t do well in the Last Chance Qualifier. However, he also mentioned his former team, Team Secret, could also walk away without qualifying for TI11.

With Iceiceice’s prediction, it remains to be seen whether the teams would be able to live up to his expectation.

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