Alliance Relegated After Winless Tour 3


Alliance officially went back to Division 2 after going through a winless Tour 3. Hence, rumors of roster change starts to swirl.

Winless Alliance have to go back to the Division 2 after a horrible performance in Division 1. Out of 7 matches, they fail to win a single game and finish 0-7, and even going 0-14 in game counts.

Their final performance against Entity was without a doubt one of their worst performances.

In their game against Entity, Alliance tries to follow the meta by picking Puck and Marci. As both are strong heroes in this meta, they hope to at least gain an edge in the drafting phase. Unfortunately, that didn’t cover the chemistry and skill gap against Entity.

Entity won almost all of the teamfights flawlessly with fighting heroes such as Doom and Winter Wyvern. They then won the first game at the 39th minute.

Alliance, still believing in their previous draft, picked Puck and Marci once again to even the odds. Unfortunately, they didn’t ban previous Entity heroes, and they got run over once again during the midgame. Nikobaby’s Weaver prove to be ineffective against Pure’s Doom throughout the whole game.

Hence, Entity once again proved their dominance and won the second game convincingly in the 33rd minute.

With their defeat against Entity, Alliance was officially relegated back to Division 2 after a winless run in the Division 1. They went 0-7 and 0-14 in total of games, making it one of the worst team performance in the DPC so far.

After their recent kicking of Symetrical, fans wonder if there will be another upcoming roster change to the team.

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