Marci is Out! First Impression: Overpowered!


Marci, the hero of the Netflix series Dota: Dragon’s Blood, is finally released with the impression: Overpowered, she can suplex another hero!

Big fans of Dota 2 must be familiar with Marci. She is a character from the Netflix series Dota: Dragon’s Blood who plays Mirana’s sidekick, carrying heavy items and helping beat her enemies. Even though she is mute, she can express her emotions clearly and humorously. She is also very strong even though she is a human, and we can those in these skills!

Dispose: Marci’s Horn Toss

One of Marci’s skills is Dispose, which functions to throw a friend or enemy hero behind her. For Magnus fans, you may remember the Horn Toss skill which unfortunately got nerfed in patch 7.30e. This skill damages heroes who are thrown back if the hero is an enemy, as well as enemy units around the targeted area. Is Marci also a SmackDown wrestler?

Rebound: Marci’s Tree Dance

Next is Marci’s skill called Rebound. You must have noticed that the mechanics are similar to the Tree Dance skill from Monkey King. The function is more or less the same, the difference is that you ride an enemy or friend hero, not a tree. Marci also doesn’t need to channel first like Monkey King and can instantly land in the target area. If you ride a friend’s hero first, that friend’s hero will get a movement speed bonus. Not bad for initiating or running away!

Sidekick: An Overpowered Dota Skill!

This is one of the skills that makes Marci overpowered, namely Sidekick. The effect is simple, you and your target friend’s hero will get lifesteal and damage for 6 seconds. However, if you look at the numbers, only then will you realize why this skill is so overpowered. It is a combination of Insatiable Hunger and Jingu Mastery. The difference is, it doesn’t slow, but you can make your allied heroes to get this effect too!

Unleash: Marci Going Crazy?

For you fans of the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you will immediately know what this skill looks like. Unleash gives Marci a charge that makes her attack super fast with a few maximum hits for 18 seconds. At the end of each combo, Marci causes an explosion that slows enemy heroes and also damages them. When cast, Marci gets Basic Dispel and 15% movement speed. Oh yeah, between combos, Marci can’t attack for 1.5 seconds, so be careful when using it!

What do you think, is Marci overpowered or not? And what role do you think fits him the best? Let us know in the comments!

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