Did Phi Phuong Anh Copy Penthouse’s Actress in New Music’s Poster?


Recently, Netizens are buzzing about a cover photo for new MV of Phi Phuong Anh) with a 99.99% similarity to that of a beautiful sister in the Penthouse movie.

Recently, the news that Phi Phuong Anh is preparing to come back in the music industry caused a stir. Many people believed that she was a bit stubborn when both previous products were criticized for her singing voice. Both songs were suspected of plagiarizing Kpop music.

With this comeback, with only a cover photo, Phi Phuong Anh was immediately accused of plagiarizing the poster of the Korean movie Penthouse.

Specifically, many netizens believe that this new image of Phi Phuong Anh has many details similar to the poster of the character Shim Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) in the popular Korean movie last time. From the angle of close-up portraits to the red as the main background, there are glaring similarities.

Even the bokeh effect of the image is somewhat identical to the Penthouse poster. That detail is located in the middle of the photo. Needless to say how frustrated and annoyed the fans of this movie.

Some viewers expected that this comeback will be more serious, and even hope it is not a song that mixes Kpop hits. However, her comeback photos were prosecuted for the Penthouse movie poster; it made a bad impression on the audience. This will more or less negatively affect the upcoming product on April 21.

Will the audience support and accept Phi Phuong Anh’s new MV? Stay tuned to Hypgame for more updates!

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