16-Year-Old Teen Invites Actress Quynh Thu to Have Sex with Him for $20K


Vietnamese actress Quynh Thu on her personal Facebook page, expressed frustration about being solicited by a young man. The reason came from a photo showing her sexy body on the beach that the actress shared a few days earlier.

Accordingly, an anonymous account, after admiring her sexy moments , arose a delicate desire for Quynh Thu.

More surprisingly, in the chat message, this guy introduced himself as a 16-year-old, using many obscene words to express his wishes with the beauty. He was willing to pay Quynh Thu more than $20,000 for his desire.

Being outraged in such a rude way, Quynh Thu took a screenshot of the chat, put the message online and scolded harshly, “don’t let me know who you are. Why are so many uneducated children, your parents let you go to school for what? Oh my God!,” she said.

This is not the first time Quynh Thu has received such message. In August 2020, the actress was shocked when she was invited to a party.

Her recent post received mixed reactions. Many viewers think these messages are fake and she created her own PR for herself.

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