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CONQuest 2023 Organizer Apologizes, Promises Refunds Amid Chaos

Dethan Dario

Justin Gorriceta Banusing, the co-founder of AcadArena and organizer of CONQuest 2023, has issued a heartfelt apology to all CONQuest attendees.

The highly anticipated convention, focused on pop culture and gaming, faced significant issues on its second day, leading to widespread inconvenience, particularly due to long queues and disorganized staff.

Criticism was also directed at AcadArena for selling tickets during the event and underestimating the expected turnout.

CONQuest 2023

Banusing temporarily deactivated his social media account, drawing further discontent. However, he has now reactivated his Facebook page and expressed remorse for the unfortunate turn of events.

In a recent post, Banusing acknowledged his mistakes.

“I understand the disappointment of those who eagerly awaited this event. It’s disheartening that not everyone could fully enjoy CONQuest. My excessive promotion falls flat when you can’t experience it.”

He humbly admitted to entering this year’s convention with an inflated ego, believing he could solve the issues he faced as a convention-goer and surpass other organizers, only to realize his shortcomings.

To make amends, Banusing has promised to extend the convention’s final day and initiate refunds once everything is settled.

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