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What is the LCS Walkout and Why it Can Change Esports Forever


The LCS Players Association (LCSPA) is planning to stage a walkout for the start NA LCS Summer Split, demanding changes like a promotion-relegation system and guaranteed contracts.

The League of Legends community was surprised by this move, as it could potentially jeopardize the NA LCS if talks were not resolved.

Many players have now expressed their support in the walkout, and have no plans to play in the debut game of the Summer Season.

However, Riot recently answered by imposing a two-week delay for the summer split, but if no resolution is reached, the split will be canceled, leaving North America without a representative for Worlds.

The LCSPA was established in 2017 by Riot Games to represent the interests of NA League players.

Riot did not consult the LCSPA before making their decision, leading to seven franchised organizations dropping their academy teams.

Consequently, the LCSPA called for a vote to boycott the split launch.

This is the first time such drastic action has been taken in esports history.

This development has significant implications for League of Legends and the esports community overall.

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