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Koma Speaks Up About His Dota 2 Ban, Asks Valve for Forgiveness


Former Virtus Pro carry Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov has once again opened up about his indefinite ban from Dota 2.

The player was banned later last year for account sharing along with 10 other players, PGL shared. He initially shared a heartfelt apology after the announcement.

But it seems that Koma is persistent in competing once again. In a report by Escorenews, he is now asking for forgiveness and for Valve to unban him this time.

Virtus.Pro Player Koma' Among Ten Banned for Account Sharing and  Impersonation During Tournament Games

“I was naive, so I did not think any further and said okay, and went ahead to play since it was just more practice for me,” he wrote.

He argued that he only did it under an order from his manager, and no money was involved in the scandal.

“There have been other players in the scene who were given second chances in the past and have grown to be an integral part of the Dota 2 esports scene, such as Noone (account sharing) and Solo (match fixing), who are now regarded as Dota 2 legends,” he added.

“I just ask for empathy and forgiveness for my mistakes. I greatly hope to be able to continue my career in the future.”

Since the ban is indefinite, it’s still a mystery whether he will be unbanned or not in pro play.

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