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Singaporean VALORANT Player Sentenced to Jail


Malcolm “germsg” Chung has been sentenced to four months of jail time after being found guilty of match-fixing during a VALORANT tournament back in 2020.

Germsg played for Resurgence in the Epulze Royal SEA Cup where he deliberately threw the team’s final game after betting on the opposing team. He was sentenced to four months’ jail on Friday and will have to pay a penalty of S$400 (US$296).

According to reports, germsg devised a plan with his friend, Ryan Tan Shern, to throw their final group stage match against Japan’s BlackBird Ignis. Resurgence lost the match via sweep and was booted out of the tournament.

Tan, a 20-year-old with gambling addiction, reportedly owed germsg $1,000. When the latter asked for his money back, the former was unable to pay which is why Tan suggested to germsg to throw the match and bet on the opposing team.

Riot ban former Resurgence VALORANT players for match-fixing

Germsg deliberately underperformed against BlackBird Ignis and even asked his teammates to follow suit. He eventually won $7,109 from the bets and kept $2,319 for himself.

The reports also claimed that Tan asked his brother for money. After getting his brother’s approval, he placed five bets for a total of S$3,000.

Tan earlier pleaded guilty in a district court to a corruption charge.

GosuGamers on Twitter: "'GermSG' & 'Dreamycsgo' formerly of @WeAreRSG  has been banned from @PlayVALORANT Champions Tour 2021 for 3 years, due to  illegal match fixing. 🔗: link:: https://t.co/xGyrDP3YTq @riotgames  #VCT2021 #Valorant #TeamResurgence #

Germsg, along with teammate Ryan “Dreamycsgo” Tan have also been banned from the VALORANT Champions Tour for 36 months

Germsg, along with teammate Ryan “Dreamycsgo” Tan were banned by Riot from competing in VCT events for 36 months last 2021.

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