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Global Ban in MPL ID? Kiboy Wants To See It Happen


ONIC Esports roamer Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando is in favor of the rumored implementation of global ban in the upcoming MPL Indonesia Season 12.

In an interview with MPL ID media, Kiboy said that he likes the idea of global ban being used in the upcoming season because of Moonton’s vast hero pool which now consists of 120 heroes.

Aside from that, he also said that it will bring more excitement to the fans as they will finally see heroes who are rarely used in the professional scene.

“Oh, when it comes to that, there’s no need to ask anymore, I definitely agree. Considering the existing hero pool, we are very confident about it,” Kiboy said.

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“Furthermore, it will be great for the viewers because the heroes being used will not be the same all the time, which will make everything more exciting. The presence of coaches will also be very useful because they will have to think even harder in organizing the draft, hero pool, and other things,” he continued.

Kiboy also said that the global ban feature will make his team, ONIC Esports, even better than before.

“In my opinion, this Global Ban will also make ONIC even better, especially since we have two amazing coaches and all the players have a wide hero pool. So, from ONIC’s side, we will definitely agree,”  said Kiboy.

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