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Taiga Reveals Fight With Depression as OG Nears Disqualification


OG’s position four carry Tommy “Taiga” Le is expected to miss more time after missing the team’s first three matches in the Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe 2023 Tour 3: Division I.

BLIX.GG reporter Arseny Kuzminsky tweeted a screenshot of Taiga’s message where the 24-year-old Norweigan Dota 2 star revealed that anxiety and depression were the main reasons why he is out indefinitely for OG.

“Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark, but I have been having anxiety and depression for a while,” Taiga revealed in a message.

“It just got worse after TI. I might seem like I’m fine but I really wasn’t. That’s why my performances has been very shaky,” he added.

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The former Team Liquid standout also said that he is currently undergoing therapy.

“I’m on therapy right now to get better, and it’s been helping me to get back my drive and motivation to come back streaming and pubbing. It’s not fully there yet but I’m taking the steps towards healing.”

With Taiga out, OG tapped Aramis and Merlin to fill in.

The two-time TI champion squad lost its first two games against Tundra Esports and Quest Esports, respectively, before winning its first match against Team Secret to open the second week of the WEU DPC.

OG already played three games with a stand-in in the last and final tour of the DPC. If they play two more games without Taiga, OG is set to get booted out of Division I.

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