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Tryke Shows Appreciation to Casters Who Predicted a Blacklist Win


Those who believe will be rewarded.

Blacklist Rivalry co-owner Tryke Guttierez lived by these words after sending Filipino shoutcasters who voted for his team to win a coffee on Wednesday night.

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Out of 11 casters in the Filipino broadcast, only Cer Mike and Alo predicted that Blacklist Rivalry will win against top Southeast Asian squad Talon Esports.

“For Cer.Mike and Alo. Thank you for believing in Blacklist,” Tryke wrote in the paper bag.

The former Dota 2 shoutcaster did not forget about the casters who voted for Talon Esports as he also sent them instant coffee packs.

Blacklist Rivalry, who missed the past two Dota 2 Majors, opened the final tour of DPC SEA with a 2-0 win over the recently-promoted BOOM Esports.

This act exemplifies the essence of healthy competition and camaraderie within the esports community, emphasizing the importance of appreciating each other’s dedication and passion for the game.

It is this spirit of unity and mutual admiration that continues to fuel the growth and excitement of esports in the Philippines and beyond.

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