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Dino Esports and Team Ancient Disqualifed in SEA DPC OQ for Account Sharing


Team Ancient and Dino Esports have been shockingly disqualified from the DPC SEA 2023 Summer Tour Open Qualifiers due to account sharing, a violation of tournament rules.

Epulze, the organizer, swiftly imposed lifetime bans on players involved, including Zoro, Clarky, Turbo, SonG-, and WH, who is now barred from future Epulze tournaments.

Some members face provisional bans pending further investigation.

The incident has sparked discussions on fair play in esports, emphasizing the need for integrity.

Epulze has chosen not to disclose further details, highlighting the severity of the violation and the importance of upholding fair play standards.

This occurrence comes merely two months after Valve handed out bans to forty-six Dota 2 professionals from China and Southeast Asia, including players from renowned teams like EHOME and Knights.

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