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Wild Rift Players Are Furious Over The New Automatic Execute Smite Mechanic


Riot Games has reportedly leaked a new feature that could potentially change the meta of the game.

The company uploaded a now-deleted video on their Brazil YouTube page, revealing the upcoming Execute Smite mechanic. This feature is set to be implemented in the future.

The new Execute Smite mechanic will allow junglers to pick two additional battle spells besides the built-in smite mechanic in ranked games.

The biggest change is the automatic smiting when a target falls below a certain health, making it easier for casual players to try out the role. However, experienced players are not happy about this change.

Content creators on Twitter have expressed their displeasure with the new mechanic.

HellsDevil_ tweeted, “I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. (This is just for URF don’t worry) they said. I knew it since the very beginning that it was just a trial for it to get releases in the main game mode. Soon we will have AI playing the champion for us.”

Another content creator, iTzSTU4RT, shared the same sentiment and said, “If they are serious with adding auto smite to Wild Rift, I’ve lost all hope…Video coming soon.”

After receiving backlash from the community, Wild Rift’s Twitter page took down the video and stated that the change will not be implemented in the new patch.

“Heads up, players – this afternoon a video featuring Execute Smite came out on one of our channels in error.

This feature is being taken back to the lab for now, and will not be released next patch. We’ll continue to keep you posted on gameplay updates!” they wrote.

It is still unclear whether Riot Games will implement the change in the future or scrap it altogether.

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