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Dota 2’s New Frontiers Update is Huge! Here’s everything you need to know


Valve has launched the New Frontiers update for Dota 2, which introduces major changes to the game map, including new paths, objectives, and additional Outposts, neutral camps, and mini-bosses called Tormentors.

The patch also introduces new gameplay elements, such as Lotus Pools that spawn fruit for players to consume, and new Wisdom and Shield Runes that provide XP boosts and Max HP barriers.

Additionally, the update brings Universal Heroes, Roshan changes, shortened disable durations, and a reworked Spell Immunity.

Other updates include gold bounty adjustments, night-time movement modifications, and an updated HUD.

The update is set to shake up the meta for the upcoming Berlin Major on April 26, and fans are eagerly anticipating the strategies that teams will employ.

You can read the full New Frontiers patch notes here.

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