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BOOM Esports Moves Closer to Division I Return


It looks like BOOM Esports is on its way back to Division I of the Dota Pro Circuit Southeast Asia 2023.

BOOM Esports currently stands at 5-0 in the second tour of Division II and is now a win away from returning back to Division I which gives the team one last chance at making it to a Major and qualifying for The International 2023.

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All teams in Division II have at least three losses or more except Xervia (4-1) and UD Vessuwan (3-2). 

If BOOM Esports wins one of its next two matches or if UD Vessuwan drops another series, the former will automatically clinch one of the top two spots en route to Division I.

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BOOM Esports will take on Horizon on April 21 before ending its campaign on April 26.

Over at Division I, Geek Slate and Polaris Esports finished at the bottom. Both teams will be relegated to DIvision II in the DPC’s last and final tour.


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