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The Reason Behind Sentinels Benching TenZ in VCT Americas


Powerhouse Sentinels is set to undergo changes in the middle of the tournament.

In a video introducing their new head coach, Kaplan, he announced that their star player TenZ will be benched due to a finger injury and a positive COVID-19 test result.

As a result, substitute player Marved will take his place in the upcoming matches.

“Our boy TenZ, not feeling so good… We are going to give him a week to chill. Luckily we have a world champion for a sub. We are going to be bringing Marved in, we are going to be practicing with him this week and playing our super week of matches with him.”

Sentinels have been experiencing performance issues in the tournament, and this change may be just the beginning.

Earlier this week, they also terminated Donald ‘SyykoNT’ Muir from his coaching role.

Sentinels will be playing LOUD and MIBR this week at VCT Americas Week 4, with the first match scheduled for April 21.

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