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League of Legends’ Patch 13.8 Introduces New Tool to Combat Toxicity


Riot Games has recently announced patch 13.8 for League of Legends, which includes updates for numerous champions in preparation for the upcoming MSI tournament.

However, the patch also introduces a new feature that non-esports fans can look forward to a more accessible system for reporting toxic teammates.

In patch 13.8, players will be able to report toxic players via their own match history.

This means that players can easily report any recent teammate or opponent within their last 20 games, even if they have already left the after-match statistic screen.

To report a player, all players have to do is right-click on the toxic player’s row in their match history.

This is a significant improvement, as players who previously exited the game too quickly might have missed the opportunity to report a toxic teammate.

Now, they have the chance to reflect on what happened before submitting their report.

Overall, this update is a positive step towards creating a more positive and inclusive gaming environment in League of Legends.

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