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Talon’s SunBhie to Dota 2 match-fixers: ‘Ban these fuckers!’


In a recent tweet by Dota 2 Talon Esports head coach SunBhie, he expressed his disgust and disbelief at the current situation in the professional Dota 2 scene. According to SunBhie, players are demanding money from organizations and threatening to throw games if their demands are not met.

SunBhie did not hold back in his criticism, stating that he does not believe Valve, the company that operates Dota 2, owes these players anything. He went on to suggest that these players should be banned from the game until there are none left.

“So according to Reddit, there’s a price on one’s professional integrity and unless Valve matches that price, players are just gonna 322 and that is just life,” he tweeted.

“No, I don’t fuckin believe Valve owes them shit, ban these fuckers and ban them enough till there’s none left. Wtf.”

SunBhie’s tweet is particularly relevant in the wake of the recent match-fixing scandal that resulted in the banning of several Chinese Dota 2 teams.

This scandal rocked the Dota 2 community and raised concerns about the prevalence of match-fixing and its impact on the integrity of the professional scene.

“322” is a reference to a famous incident in the Dota 2 competitive scene in which a player intentionally threw a game for a bet of $322.

Since then, the term has been used to refer to match-fixing in Dota 2.

There has also been a recent controversy saying that some Eastern European Dota 2 teams who are competing in the region’s DPC are also involved in match-fixing.

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